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TrueCaller 5.35

TrueCaller 5.35 Free Download

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Phone calls have never offered so many possibilities

TrueCaller is a telephony tool that allows users to identify entrant calls and find friends if you don’t have their number. This app is a result of a crowdsourcing effort to build a worldwide phone numbers database.

Truecaller offers a number and name lookup service. If you are willing to find someone’s number, just type his name and find him easily! Besides, you will be able to save the contact, update your phonebook and even see its geographical location in a map.

Truecaller covers both fixed-line and mobile numbers, in more than 25 countries. Additionally, this software provides a real-time caller ID service that matches numbers and their owner’s personal information such as photos and birthday.

Other functions

With Truecaller you can block spam calls and detect suspicious numbers, and add them to a blacklist. You can also check how popular your number is at a global level with “Punto True” option. Several numbers’ linking is possible too. However, it lacks of call registry functionality.

Social networks are integrated in this app. Truecaller allows tweeting your calls on Twitter or sync your phonebook with Facebook or LinkedIn information.

Similar alternatives

If you really want to control your mobile calls circulation, then download Total Recall Call Recorder. It also allows recording conversations and playing them back.

If you want to save money when it comes to making calls, FriendCaller will reduce costs to zero. It is a VoIP application used to communicate with people through calls and text messages, ensuring high audio quality.


If you are willing to search for phone numbers, identify unknown ones and block spam and suspect calls, then download Truecaller. Its global database will offer a reliable caller ID service.


  • High compatibility with mobiles
  • Spam detection
  • Worldwide directory
  • Available in 12 languages


  • Directory needs to grow more

free download


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